Establishment of The Gambia Information and Communication Technology Agency:
  1. There is established by this Act, The Gambia Information and Communication Technology Agency.
  2. The Agency is a body corporate with perpetual successions and a common seal and may-
  • Sue and be sued in its corporate name;
  • Enter into contracts and acquire, hold and dispose of property; and
  • So far as possible for a body corporate, exercise the rights, powers and privileges and incur the liabilities and obligations of a natural person of full age and capacity.
  1. The application of the common seal of the Agency shall be authenticated by the signature of the Director General or such other person as may be authorized by the Director General in writing to sign on behalf of the Agency.
  2. A document bearing the imprint of the common seal of the Agency is deemed to be properly sealed, unless the contrary is proved.
Objects of the Agency:

The objects of the Agency shall be:

  • To encourage the optimum use of Information and Communication Technologies, the introduction of new technologies and the investment in infrastructure and services;
  • To promote the efficiency and international competitiveness of The Gambia in the Information and Communication Technology Sector;
  • To further the advancement of technology, research and development relating to Information Technology through modern and effective infrastructure taking into account the convergence of Information Technology, media, telecommunication and consumer electronics;
  • To develop and provide guidance in the implementation of the e-government Plan for a connected government through improved efficiency and effectiveness of government service delivery;
  • To accelerate The Gambia’s transition into a sustainable e-government environment and ensure the swift realization of government’s objective to make the Information and Communication Technology sector a key super bedrock of the economy;
  • To empower people, businesses and the public sector in their active participation and utilization of various government services;
  • To provide high quality information and communication technology services to government through the promotion of standardization in the planning, acquisition, implementation, delivery, support and maintenance of information technology equipment and services in governance process and in government;
  • To ensure uniformity in quality, adequacy and reliability of government information technology usage for the citizens, people and businesses throughout The Gambia;
  • To promote cooperation, coordination and rationalization among users and providers of information technology at national and local level so as to avoid duplication of efforts and ensure optimal utilization of scarce resources without limiting the creating and growth of digital economy;
  • To further the conduct, promotion and advancement of research relating to Information and communications technologies for a cost effective and sustainable government service delivery;
  • To promote and encourage local content and application development;
  • Ensure the maximum participation of local Information Technology Firms in the provision of information technology goods and services;
  • To facilitate and encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in Information Technology for transformation and digitization of business processes for enhanced service delivery both in the public and private sectors; and
  • To facilitate the realization of a digital economy;



An integrated smart government and digitally inclusive nation.


Empower Gambia’s public sector and residents with smart and innovative cutting-edge digital solutions in all spheres of the public domain that promote collaboration, efficiency, inclusion, and accessibility; leading the coordination and standardization of the design, implementation and management of comprehensive ICT initiatives and services; and fostering digital transformation and the realization of the digital economy.

Core Values:
  • P – Proactive: actively seek to build and improve robust digital infrastructure and services to ensure that systems are running efficiently in an accurate, effective, and optimized manner.
  • A – Adaptability: demonstrate agility and preparedness to navigate an ever-evolving digital ecosystem.
  • P – Partnership: nurture effective collaboration amongst teams and stakeholders for benefits realization.
  • C – Creativity: lead innovation to foster technological progress.
  • I – Integrity: adhere to the highest ethical standards, upholding transparency, honesty, and accountability in everything that we undertake.
  • E – Excellence: facilitate constant learning and strive for high-quality ICT/digital services.
  • P – People-centric: prioritize the needs and expectations of users, embracing inclusiveness and promoting equitable access.
  • S – Sustainability: embrace environmental, socio-friendly, and efficient digital solutions.
  • Spearheading The Gambia’s Digital Future